Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birth Order

While visiting with friends this evening, the Birth Order topic came up. I've read up on this to some extent, but our conversation tonight lit a spark in me to research further. Has anyone ever done extensive research or study on birth order? Daily watching my 3 munchkins interact and react to each other, things, and situations has often made me wonder how their birth order plays a role in their personality and characteristics. So....I've a new challenge for this month. I will read the book (or at least skim through it :), and come to my conclusion. Stay tuned for my review, and feel free to leave any feedback on the topic...for now I'm snuggling with my baby munchkin and loving every moment

Grandeur Canyon

Hubby and I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing one of the most beautiful places I'd ever seen before- The Grand Canyon. We experienced it all with 2 of our dearest friends, and it was a trip of a lifetime. I've attached pictures for everyone to ooohhh and AAwwwww over, but you really need to visit in person to grasp the beauty... it really is breathtaking...

Our crew at Eagle Point...the natives named this rock for it's Eagle spread formation

Too close for comfort...there are no railings at all!!!

Uh oh...somebody's in trouble

Not you too!!!

Really cool formation where the rock had split off


Sunset time...

Larger than life...a Grand creator

Monday, January 25, 2010

Choosing My Battles

I heard a someone ask a question some time ago which literally stopped me in my tracks (well, I was driving...but you know what I mean). Ever since that pivotal moment :) I've asked myself this question time after time....I know you are ready for me to post it so here it is:

Do You Really Want To Die On This Hill?
There it was in one simple question...the question I'd been trying to all I had to do was answer it. My life has been completely different since finding this question. As a mom, wife ________ (insert titles here) we are faced with situations literally every moment of our day. For me, situations become overwhelming at times, trying to decide the correct answer, the correct solution, trying to be the picture perfect woman I think I should be. My solution lies in this question...Do I really Want To Die On This Hill?
It's either Yes or No...there is no well "maybe I'll just fight really hard then give up" or "I'll just stand here and get smashed over my head a few times to see if I can win"...its' either Yes, I want to Die here..meaning I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt I'm standing for what's right or doing the right thing...OR No, it's simply not worth's not worth my sanity, it's not worth my time, it's not worth my children, in the end it doesn't really matter.
As I'm writing this I can already hear those of you that are screaming at me thinking "What a quitter..she just wants an excuse to not fight"...
Don't misunderstand me... I am a Fighter, and when my battle comes I'll choose it wisely.
If I decide to fight'll be to win NOT to get beat up and give in.
There are some things we have to "let go" Life is too precious to be fighting all of the time...
Choose your Battles want to be strong for the important ones

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TES....Toddler Emotional Syndrome

Is there such a thing? YES! of course there is..just ask any mother of a 3 year old munchkin.

She looked at me weird....WAAHHH

He touched my hair....WAAHHH

This cup is ugly....WAAHHH

I'm cold...WAAHHH

Hopefully a long night of rest will put this poor soul at ease....I'm pooped...WAHHHH!!!

We're Here!

Welcome to my first official blogspot blog. I'm not necessarily new to blogging, but I am a bit rusty. This blog will be daily tidbits about the life of our Clan....who knows what you may read or see here :) Enjoy!