Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Back at it Again

And so begins the start of a new chapter in the life of our family.

The Southern Charmer is getting an addition.

We have decided to take the plunge and add-on to our "forever" home.  At this point, there is no way we could or would ever want to move away from this Money-pit turned Southern Charmer.  As our family grows (in age) we are excited about the next chapters we will create together.

Construction will begin soon on an additional Family Room, a new Laundry Room, a Guest suite (which will be put to MUCH use soon - more to come on this), and most importantly an ATTACHED GARAGE! yea!! I'm super excited about being able to park my vehicle in a covered area and get into my home :) Sounds minute to some, but for this Momma - it means a lot!

I can't wait to share photos and updates with you in the coming months.

So it's back to the drawing board, the design board or whatever you call it when you get to shop and pick out colors and decide on furniture and fixtures and paint a wall 1,000,000 times before you get the color just right and all that jazz!! I'll need lots of help and opinions so GET READY!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Outdated Ranch home meets Southern & Simple Update....Update

This post is a continuation - an update to an update of  This Post

This home renovation's not for the faint at heart or for the hide-in-the-corner type of personality.  No, it's a pull up your big girl britches, take charge and grab your hammer type of personality.  Trust me, I understand and appreciate the beauty at the end of the project or the light at the end of the tunnel or the tootsie roll in the middle of the tootsie pop.  I get it.  However, it's all the mud and crap in between that makes the ALL of the difference.  The plans that get nixed. The walls that get moved.  The material that is back-ordered.  The contractors who don't show up. The paint that doesn't look the same as the sample card.  I'll stop there before frustration sets in.  It's ALSO the pleasure of walking into a newly painted room and seeing the possibilities, the late nights hanging gorgeous light fixtures, the moving furniture in to set up your conversation areas, your kids running through the house on newly installed wood flooring.  What JOY! Upon completion you suddenly forget all of the heartache and pain that you just endured - the same way you forget in childbirth as you gaze at your new human.  IT IS the same feeling.  Such a pride and excitement of what is to come.

As promised - below is Source Listing of finishes in the photos below.  I'll try to answer as many questions and comments as I see them.  I have received an enormous amount of questions on This Post
Information on my Hardwoods are at the end of this post

This is my Kitchen.  I love it.  It is the Heart of our home and is used with lots of love and attention!

Source Listing for Kitchen:

The paint color in my entire Kitchen and all of my trim work is
Benjamin Moore White Dove in a Semi Gloss Finish.
It is a creamy white which looks beautiful with most any accent color

Granite Counters are Eased Edge finish in Arctic Black color with an Antique finish

The 2 Lanterns/Chandeliers over my Island (12' long) are these

Kitchen Appliances are all Jenn-Air Commercial

Faucet and Pot-fillers Fixtures are these

Barstools are these

Source Listing for Entry

Paint Color on walls in Entry and Kitchen Area is 
Benjamin Moore Ashwood in a Satin Finish

Wallpaper in Entry is Schumacher

Chandelier is similar to this one

Wall Sconces are these

Rug bought from Rugs USA

Source Listing for Living Area

Paint Color in this room is
BEHR Ashes

Side Chairs are these

Most all other Furnishings in this room are from 

I get the most inquiries about my wood flooring.  This flooring is my dream come true.  It was love at first sight and my love grows stronger every day.  This really is THE BEST wood floor around.  It was installed by The Woodshop of Texas and they did a fabulous job.  It is a Reclaimed French Oak - wide plank variations from 7" to 9" in width.  There is a custom LOBA finish on the flooring in a satin feel.  It is absolutely awesome with children and cleans up really well while looking as good as it does.  This was my splurge and I intend to get it into every room in my house eventually.

I do hope you've enjoyed hearing about the finishes in my home.  I will share our Family/Game room soon.  We did something super special in this room also and I'd love to share it with you.

Living with No Regrets!

Friday, October 11, 2013

31 Days...As a Matter of Fact..NO

No.  I will not finish all of my laundry prior to the new week beginning.

No.  I will not make my home a museum and make my family and friends feel uncomfortable.

No.  We will not allow Hollywood and the media to dictate how we live our lives.

No.  We will not fill our lives with such busyness that we rarely speak to each other.

No.  I will not be consumed by social media updating and happenings all. day. long.

No.  We are not going to give up on morals just because most of America has done so.

No.    We will not stop pressing toward a higher calling...a calling higher than ourselves.

No.   We will not make excuses.  We will own up to our responsibilities.

No.  No. No.

Aaaahhhh....That felt GOOD!

Living with NO regrets...

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

31 Days...Finding out What Matters.

This 31 Days has gotten the better of me.  Topic after topic has run through my head…funny topics, easy topics, personal topics, spiritual topics… If there is one thing about me that I wish I could change it would be my inability to make a decision.  After toiling over this for days…I had an epiphany last week during our bedtime routine with the munchkins.  It went something like this. 

Girls were getting ready for bath time and I had asked them to go to their room and get pajamas ready…moments later I hear screaming and squealing coming from upstairs…I immediately dropped what I was doing and rushed upstairs to see who had been hurt.  What I saw brought a flood of emotions over me.  My girls were literally fighting over a pair of pajamas….yes, this sounds funny and it is child-like and they ARE girls…but I could hardly believe it.   

***Let me insert here that my girls have 3 dressers drawers packed to the top with pajamas!  They have more pajamas than any girls I’ve ever known, and they were literally fighting over this particular pair.***

 As a mother, I stood there angry, baffled, shocked, but mostly I felt shame.  Shame of seeing them hurt each other with mean words.  Shame of knowing I had failed to teach them what appreciation is.   That was it…that very moment…something clicked, burst or just flipped inside of me, and without saying a word, I immediately went to the dresser drawers and began pulling out ALL of the pajamas…Every. Single. Pair.   I moved on to the other drawers and began pulling out socks, under garments, belts, scarves, everything.  The girls sat in silence watching me.

Next, I went to the closet….which is so over-packed with clothing, shoes and toys that I can barely maneuver inside…(they have an oversized walk-in closet) I was on a roll at this point, and I began taking all of the “Littlest Pet shop” houses and accessories…next it was Barbie..OH YEA!! ALL of it.  Clothing, dolls, houses, cars…Everything…at this point I was feeling liberated and the girls were starting to cry.  I finished up by removing all of the dress-up garb.  By this time the closet was beginning to look empty and I decided to stop and talk to the girls. 

After they calmed down to a whimper we discussed the importance of each other.  We talked about how sometimes we can “have” so much and focus on “stuff” that we forget the important things in life….like Family, Sisters, Friends, Health, on and on.  It was a nice conversation about how we are so blessed…too blessed.  Our attention becomes so material driven and things we have are no longer enough…we want more and more and more…it gets out of hand!

That night something happened…it was a true turning point.  We prayed together and they made up with each other and we even laughed at how silly it was to fight over a crazy pair of PJ’s.  The toys have been put away for 6 days and would you know…the tone in our home has been milder.  The girls are getting along better than ever before.  They have discovered old toys that were no longer being played with and have not complained one time about only having a couple of pair of PJ’s each. 
I must say…I did not intend for this to go this way, but we will see where it leads.  Plus…it leads to less laundry for ME!!!

I'll take this 31 Days time to focus on What Matters most...I can't promise I'll make it every day, but I will make sure I pay attention daily to all that matters most in this journey we call life.

God, help me to instill your love in my children by living a selfless life.  Help me to show them the importance of Your Word and things which are uplifting to You.  Let our home be a peaceful refuge to all who enter.  In Jesus Name!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Work It Wednesday and Kichler Lighting...hhhmmm

What a pleasant surprise!!  Being featured at The Blissful Bee for Work It!  If you don't follow the Blissful Bee need to go over now! She has a wonderful and fun blog and is a Texas Gal!!! Woooohooooo..

I'm taking a little break from the blog this week.. The Hubs and I are we're invited to tour  Kichler Lighting Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and wow oh wowie...has it been an adventure! Kichler is a national interior and exterior lighting designer and manufacturer with an awesome attention to quality in their product...visit their site if you are in the market for lighting choices Kichler Lighting

Ill be back soon with the 31 days series....eeeekkkk getting excited and nervous all at the same time about this series.
 See y'all!

Living With No Regrets

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Outdoor Living...

Still thinking on the 31 Day Series topic today….my mind is racing around too many options…

With Starbucks celebrating their 10 Years of Pumpkin Spice Latte, the rain and somewhat cooler temps (85 degrees is cooler for us Texans) I’m feeling a little Fall-ish today.  
Fall is such a fun time here in Texas.  If the weather cooperates it allows for nice evenings outdoors and picnics in the park.  The humidity is usually lower and the breeze is such a refreshing treat from the staunch heat of Summer.

I mentioned several years ago that The Man and I own and operate a Custom Landscape Design/Build Firm.  He is a Texas Aggie (Gig ‘em, Whoop, Whoop) and studied Landscape Architecture and Horticulture while in college.  Yes, our Family bleeds Aggie Maroon!  The Man is one of the most creative designers of outdoor living spaces I have ever met, and he has such an eye for functional and pleasing outdoor spaces.  Our company works with clients to Design and Build the entire project from completion to finish. 

Sorry for the rant….but wanted to share a little background before I loaded you up with several of my favorite Outdoor living spaces our company/team has created and installed.  Design is not only about the Interior of our homes, but can be extended to the Exterior as well.  This Fall I hope you find a nice Outdoor space to enjoy. 

Living with No Regrets

Thursday, September 19, 2013

31 Days...

If you are familiar with the 31 Day Blog Series you have most likely have laughed, cried, made new friends and been inspired by the many bloggers who join in this series each October.  The 31 Days Series was started by Myquillyn AKA. The Nester in 2010 with a handful of bloggers and has grown to over 1,000 bloggers in 2012 joining in the series.  It is such a fun and anticipated month of blogging.  Bloggers accept the challenge by blogging about specific topics for 31 days (or longer if needed).  It really is a personal challenge and experience.  I have read the 31 Days series of several bloggers, unfortunately due to the growing number, have not been able to read ALL of the participants.  If you choose to read this year, you will be so glad that you did.  This year I have decided to accept this challenge and participate in the 31 Day series.  In past years I have only been a reader of the series, knowing that I would most likely fail with keeping the challenge for the entire 31 Days.  This year is different.  This year I'm ready (I think...). Although I have yet to choose my 31 Day topic, I am gathering ideas now.  There are so so so so many topics I would love to write about, but I want to narrow it down to a specific one that will be as inspiring to others as they have been to me in past years.  If you have any ideas on 31 Days topics for PLEASE leave them in my comments section.  My first 31 Day blog post will be Tuesday, October 1st.  I hope you will join with me through this journey.  I will need encouragement to succeed and forgiveness when I fail, but I intend to complete the series.

Below are links to some of my favorite 31 Series over the past few years.  I hope you will read and enjoy them as much as I have.

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Living with No Regrets