Friday, March 19, 2010

Party Like A 5 Year old...

Another party has come and gone. Munchkin 1 enjoyed having all of her cousins and cool friends at her celebration of 5 years on this earth...Oh, we can't forget "Jelly Bean" our guest clown. She was busy painting faces, and creating balloon thingys. The children were plum were out by the time the party was over. Below are a few pics from the festivities.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Beautiful Day..

Today is Munchkin 1's birthday..we spent the day exploring, picking flowers, and collecting things like acorns, rocks, sticks and odd shaped leaves. Munchkin 1 & 3 enjoyed having their eldest cousin with them. The Stud and the SLD team were busy working while we just played! Below are a few was a gorgeous day!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Texas Pride...

Although I was not born in Texas, I claim to be a Native Texan (can I do that?) I could go on and on listing things that make Texas the great state it is, but for my sake I'll just mention one.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

I'm not claiming to be a historian or a HLSR guru, but I wanted to share a few facts here for all of my non-southern friends and fellow bloggers:

The initial "Fat Stock show" was established in 1931 and held it's first showing in 1932
It officially became The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 1961
The HLSR has given millions of dollars in scholarship money to students in FFA programs, 4H programs, Art programs and has even given money to a Teachers for Excellence program
Each spring Houstonians prepare for the 3 week event. Ag students and farmers from all over the world come to the HLSR to show their livestock, hoping for a big pay off for all of their hard work, in the form of cash or scholarship. During the day you can roam the exhibit halls spectating all of the livestock, children can visit the Ag educational area to learn about all of the different breeds of livestock, you can even milk a cow! Should you get hungry...well, never fear the HLSR is home to some of the best food you'll ever eat, from down south BBQ, Homemade Mexican, and even Fried Oreos you're sure to find something to hit the spot. During the evening saddle up for the RodeoHouston where cowboys and cowgirls from all over the world come to compete in their Rodeo events from Bareback Bronco riding, Team calf Roping, 8-second Bull riding, and the new favorite, Mutton-Bustin. RodeoHouston is home to the Calf Scramble which allows young students a chance to round up a calf, raise it to show standards, and present it at a later date back at the HLSR. RodeoHouston has hosted hundreds of celebrity singers and performers for the entertainment portion of the Rodeo. Overall, the HLSR is such a benefit to our community and allows many opportunities to hundreds of people not only in Houston but across the world.

Ok..enough history :)

Now that I've given you a brief overview of the HLSR I'll share with you my personal connection to it. When I was in 3rd grade (I think it was 3rd..might've been 2nd...Mom, help me on this one:) my teacher asked if I wanted to participate in a contest where I would submit a painting or drawing to a panel of judges for a possibility it would be shown at the HLSR Art Show. Of course, I was thrilled, so I began thinking of what to paint, and I decided to do a watercolor painting...My picture was of 2 cactus' on a dessert hill with a lovely sunset sky. My painting was selected to be shown at the HLSR, and ....drum was selected as a first place winner!!!! I was thrilled, and will never forget my mother taking me down to the HLSR so that I could have my picture taken there. I believe my mother still has this painting, and I wish I could get a picture of it so you all could have a good's terribly ugly!!!!

Anyhow, that's been my personal story of the HLSR and I'm sure there are thousands of others that top mine...feel free to share...I'd love to hear your story.

This past weekend the Stud and I took our munchkins to visit the HLSR....what a day! They had an absolute blast. We were accompanied by friends and spent the afternoon eating good food (several times...several types....several dollars worth), dodging pig poop, looking at newborn lambs (only a few hours old), and oohhhing and aahhhing at the Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls.

I'm proud to be a Texan...I just can't help it...I've got that Texas Pride....Yee haw!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring Cleaning

It's that time again, Spring! Get ready to de-clutter and get rid of the winter build-up. Throw open the shutters, lift the windows and just let all that fresh air swarm through your home. While preparing my list of Spring to-do's this weekend, I realized that my list of physical duties so closely mirrored things that also needed to be tended to in my spiritual life.

For example;

1. Clean out ALL closets.

2. Scrub behind toilets in bathroom

3. Wash windows (inside and out)

This weekend I plan to work on Spring cleaning my home and my heart at the same time.

1. I'll clear the clutter from the secret places in my heart that no one ever sees, yet things have been stored there for years - simply taking up space.

2. I'll polish up those places that just get "grimey" from lack of attention (attitude, thankfulness, upright spirit)

3. I'll wash off the windows of my soul so that new light can shine through....better make sure everything is in tip top shape!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Wow... this week has had me on my toes. I won't bore with you the details of the past few days...let's skip straight to the important things :) Of course, this is my blog, and I must confess, my head is whirling with subjects of which I should blog about. Today, however, has been 'one of those days' - you know?
In order to pull myself up by my boot straps I had to sit down and just think, meditate, soul search, breathe and unwind. These thoughts came to me.

Although the munchkins have been screaming and running through the house all day; I'm thankful they have legs to run and voices to scream.

Although my hubby is terribly sick in bed with some sort of virus; I'm glad I have health and am able to take care of him.

Although the laundry is piled loads high; I'm thankful my family has clothes to wear...even if I don't wash for a few more days.

Although I forgot to process the direct deposit payroll this week for our employees (Big oops); We have forgiving employees who still love me amidst my faults (I'm sorry guys - paper checks this week)

When my world seems to be crumbling and my load gets heavy; I'm thankful the Master of the universe holds my every moment in His hands.