Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stay Tuned...2012 here we come!

What a year! I should've blogged this entire year. It would've made for very interesting reading.

One of the many things I love about ringing in a New Year is the refreshed feeling it brings with it. I always imagine standing at a large chalkboard covered side to side, top to bottom in chalk markings from the happenings of the year - some half marked off by hand, some with scratches through them, some barely legible. When I think of the New Year I imagine taking a chalkboard eraser and wiping the board clean - ready for a New year of happenings.
The New Year also brings new commitments, new goals and new dreams. Of course, I have a few myself. Some of them are repeat contenders :)
Nonetheless I've committed to reviving the ole' fire within that burns to 'spill the beans' on all that is happening in my world. There is something theraputic and unburdening about telling it all or letting it all out as I sometimes like to say. Munchkins, mischief and our Monumental house remodel will be mostly what I blog about. Life is too short not to document things in a written format. So stay tuned for a whirlwind of topics, pictures, laughs and thought-provoking days ahead in this grand New Year!!

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