Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Wow... this week has had me on my toes. I won't bore with you the details of the past few days...let's skip straight to the important things :) Of course, this is my blog, and I must confess, my head is whirling with subjects of which I should blog about. Today, however, has been 'one of those days' - you know?
In order to pull myself up by my boot straps I had to sit down and just think, meditate, soul search, breathe and unwind. These thoughts came to me.

Although the munchkins have been screaming and running through the house all day; I'm thankful they have legs to run and voices to scream.

Although my hubby is terribly sick in bed with some sort of virus; I'm glad I have health and am able to take care of him.

Although the laundry is piled loads high; I'm thankful my family has clothes to wear...even if I don't wash for a few more days.

Although I forgot to process the direct deposit payroll this week for our employees (Big oops); We have forgiving employees who still love me amidst my faults (I'm sorry guys - paper checks this week)

When my world seems to be crumbling and my load gets heavy; I'm thankful the Master of the universe holds my every moment in His hands.

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