Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Battle of the Dora Car...

The munchkins decided to pull out their only mode of automatic transportation on the property today...the Dora Car. Mind you this car is a 1 seater, and does not accomodate the 3 munchkins well at all. The attempt usually ends up something like this...

M2: "Okay...I'll just walk behind.. You two can have all the fun of driving."M2: "This is not cool...I should be able to ride also."

M2: "WWHHHEEEEEE... this is fun...Why didn't we think of this before guys?"
M3: "Left me off ...You girls are crowding me"
M3: "WWAAAHHHHH...wait...I've decided I want back on now!"

M1: "Haha...Girl Power!! "
M2: "No boys allowed...this is much better."

M3: "NO!!!! This is not fair. MMMOOOOOMMM!!!"

M1: "Okay...let's try this again. I'll sit on the hood and relax..Munchkin 2 take it away."

M2 & M3: "Well..this is a little better...At least none of us have to walk."

1 comment:

  1. I love the pictures! The one of M3 yelling is fantastic!!! It is nice to see that my kids aren't the only "problem solvers" out there.