Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh. I. am. such. a. terrible. blogger.

Honestly, I've saved several blog drafts in the past few weeks, to no avail at fininshing at least one of them. O well. Here is a brand new one today. I wonder if it will actually get published. We shall see. My goal today. Push the Publish Post button at the bottom of the know...the big Orange button?

(((Phone is ringing...hold on)))

Okay, I'm back.

So. Munchkin 1 is set to start Kindergarten this coming fall. Baby Munchkin 3 is turning 2 in 14 days, and I'm slowly inching my way out of my twenties. I know this feeling. The feeling of leaving one chapter of my life, and moving into a brand new chapter. I've been here before, and dealing with the changes always seem impossible at first.

(((responding to a text message now)))

hello again.

I slowly get adapted again to where I am in life, then poof I'm thrown into a new uncomfortable place. What an adventure...this life!

(((not another phone call!!!!)))

I gotta go. I'm reaching for the button now.

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