Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Dream Home

I need to hurry and get through all of this back house is getting so close to being complete and I'm more than anxious to share my pics with everyone!

When I started this journey I really had not been exposed to the world of "DIY" bloggers and all of the wonderful folks that bring us dreamy blog photos on a daily basis. I started out just "googling" pics of homes. I then was introduced to and that changed my world! WOW many fantastic inspiration photos in one place was more than I had dreamed. I started a House Idea folder on my computer desktop and started plugging photos in by the dozen. My Dream Home idea was starting to come together in photos, but I really doubted that it would all ever come together just as I had dreamt it would. Below are a few pics from my Idea folder....It is surreal to me to look back at this folder that I began when my house was literally a disastrous construction zone.....and to see my house today (stay tuned for photos) and how it really has transformed'll see. The following pics are my idea of a dream home. Please forgive me....I don't have sources for some of these since I saved these over a year and a half ago... Hope you enjoy!

First Photo saved of what the exterior of My home maybe just maybe could look like

Another dreamy exterior...loved the creamy tones here.
This picture is familiar to followers of House of Turquoise
Love the cool color palette of this living area

Another familiar photo of the Southern Living Dream Kitchen.
Oh so Gorgeous!!
This white kitchen is simplistic yet refined and sophisticated
Loved the idea here of the eat-in kitchen. With 3 munchkins in our home I knew I wanted a space in the Kitchen for everyone to gather and enjoy meals.
This color grabbed me. I loved the cool color and immediately began
envisioning my "mud room" from here.
My house had a brick fireplace that was a terrible, awful brownish brick.
I dreamed of having it whitewashed like this fireplace here.

Loved this door...everything about it.
I wanted this exact handrail and staircase. Love the wood detail.
Hope you all enjoyed a little glimpse into my idea of a dream home. I can't wait to update you all on what my Home looks like today!!

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