Monday, February 08, 2010

Getting Feisty

So we had an ordeal this afternoon.

Not our first, but definitely the first of this sort.

Munchkin 1 slapped Munchkin 2 smack across the left cheek...I'm mean SMACK SLAPPED her...boy oh boy.

The shreel from the back bedroom sent chills up my spine, and I literally reached the bedroom door in 3 leaps from the kitchen. As I swung the door open, I heard Munchkin1 begging her victim " please don't tell mom, pleeeaaasse." Both were in tears. After figuring out the story, I sent them both to their own "quiet spot" to think about what had just transpired...

Munchkin 2 had called Munchkin 1 "Stinky" so Munchkin 1 slapped!!! Are you kidding me? Hadn't I taught them anything in their 3-4 years on this earth? I did take a moment to inspect the large hand-printed red spot on M2's face - she must've been hurting...poor thing! M1 was wailing from her "quiet spot" (go figure) of how she was so so so sorry, and she didn't think about her actions before she took them..

Drama queens. Drama queens. Drama queens.

Where do they pick this stuff up? I'm not the least bit dramatic... Am I? (Please don't answer here)

After several moments of cryings, talking, speeches, hugs & kisses the situation was resolved, and happy giggles were once again flowing through my sweet drama-free abode...aaahhhh.

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