Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MY space bubble

People, please - please - please, do not invade the space bubble of your neighbor while in line at the grocery store, Target, or anyplace for that matter...!! ooohhh...

So today, I'm at the office supply store, and I'm paying for my items when a woman and her daughter (or granddaughter maybe) step into my Space the point that it BURST !

I'm standing there, and this woman is literally about to whisper into my ear, or lick it, or aaahhhH!!! Trying not to be rude, I slightly move the opposite direction, and she proceeds to move as well. By this time she is now directly in front of the counter (with my things still being scanned by the cashier), and I'm further to the left of the counter waiting for my total. Her daughter is standing just as close to me as she was, and I can feel my face getting red (love of God, love of God!!). The cashier completes my order, and I'm trying to nudge the folks out of the way to get to the credit card terminal to swipe my payment (although I felt like asking them if they would like to pay for my things for me since they were so anxious). They finally inched over a hair, and stood glaring behind my shoulder as I swiped my card, and completed paying(I'm sure they memorized my PIN number) It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut...REALLY!!! What are folks thinking (I guess they're not)?

Please give a little privacy to the person in front or behind you ....

There...I feel better now :)

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