Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just Breathe...

Here is a tid-bit of conversation my oldest munchkin and I had earlier in the week.

Me: "I so need a massage right now...I'm about to go to the loony bin"
Munchkin 1: "Where's the loony bin?"
Me: "The place that mommies go when they need a massage"
Munchkin 1: "So you're going there Wednesday, right?"
I had mentioned to her that I was going for a massage on Wednesday, and she definitely remembered :)
So...For just a few moments I was able to breathe today....really know the kind where you tell yourself to breathe...long, deep breaths? It was inner-most being was crying out for more, but the chunky little woman working me over gently swept her hands down my whole body one last time....and POOF...back to the loony bin I went.

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