Friday, February 19, 2010


Forewarning: Please be advised that I had no idea what the word Musings meant when I originally posted this blog...I do, however, now know the true meaning (thanks to Google), and even though it does not totally apply to my blog content...I've chosen to leave it as the title...welcome to my world, and thanks for musing with me ;)
Dear Diary:

1. Awoke with a terrible aching in my back this morning - partly due to my half-sit, half-lay position while bonding with my laptop last night, mainly due to my aging disorder.
2. Received a lovely (mushy) text message from The Stud this morning to start my day off with a smile (and a fear of what may be coming next...what could he want?)
3. Arrived at the office to find that one of our employees had finally finished piecing together the desk for one of our offices, which by the way had been sitting dismantled for several days...this immediately took place over the text message as the highlight of my morning
4. Suffered through a complete history on the culture in Asian marriages while having my eyebrows worked over.
5. Received a call late this afternoon that Munchkin 3 had ran into a door frame full blast, and was sporting a knot on his forehead this size of an egg on steriods.
6. Rushed Munchkin 3 to the local ER only to find out I am a totally over-dramatic mom of 3.
7. Waiting on more interesting things to come forth from this evening. Trust me, I'll definitely keep you posted.

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